Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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New Technology Could Revolutionise Smartphone Use

An innovative technology, created by researchers at the University of St Andrews, can allow your smartphone to carry out a range of tasks just...
computing codes

Big Bang – The Movie

If you have ever had to wait those agonizing minutes in front of a computer for a movie or large file to load, you’ll...
greenest university

UC Davis Named Most Sustainable University in the World

The University of California, Davis, is the greenest university in the world, as declared today (Dec. 29) by the seventh annual GreenMetric ranking from...

Flood Threats Changing Across US

The risk of flooding in the United States is changing regionally, and the reasons could be shifting rainfall patterns and the amount of water...
Thermal Conductivity

Researchers Find Way to Tune Thermal Conductivity of 2-D Materials

Researchers have found an unexpected way to control the thermal conductivity of two-dimensional (2-D) materials, which will allow electronics designers to dissipate heat in...

Chemist Group Wins NSF Award to Access Supercomputer Network

Chemists at the University of Iowa will research the effects of nanomaterials on the environment and human health using a network of supercomputers funded...
Digital Signage

UI TIER: Units Embrace Free, User-friendly Drupal Digital Signage Service

As a marketing specialist for UI Housing and Dining, Amanda Bittorf manages 31 digital signs that serve as electronic billboards in UI residence halls....
sleep twitches

What’s Going on When Babies Twitch in Their Sleep?

When her daughter was born two-and-a-half years ago, Mary Goldsberry-Troyer eagerly watched for the typical developmental milestones in her firstborn. She noted when Vivi smiled,...

Quantum Drag

The findings of a new study by University of Iowa theoretical physicist Michael Flatté could play a role in the development of future generations of...

An open source toolbox for pure mathematics

EU researchers are turning to open source programming to help mathematicians work collaboratively on a per project basis.