Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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lithium-ion batteries

New Materials to Help Stop Lithium-Ion Battery Fires, Explosions and Improve...

From automobiles and planes to laptops and e-bikes, lithium-ion batteries have been blamed for causing fires in high-tech devices. Now, Purdue University scientists have...
lithium-ion batteries

First Fully Rechargeable Carbon Dioxide Battery with Carbon Neutrality

Lithium-carbon dioxide batteries are attractive energy storage systems because they have a specific energy density that is more than seven times greater...
lithium-ion batteries

New Lithium Battery Design Could Mean Lighter, Safer Batteries for Soldiers

Less expensive, lighter and safer batteries are a vital need for warfighters; a new Army project may offer a solution.
lithium-ion batteries

Binghamton Researchers Find Better Way to Make Large Lithium-Ion Batteries

The results of a new study led by two Binghamton University professors could reduce the production costs and increase product quality for...
flow battery

New flow battery offers lower-cost energy storage

Energy storage system owners could see significant savings from a new flow battery technology that is projected to cost 60 percent less than today's...